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  • Brand: OEM / ODM
  • Lead time: 45-60 days
  • Price Description: FOB price
  • Best quality and lowest price
  • Style: Custom
  • Upper Material: PVC / EVA / PU
  • Sole Material: EVA
  • Sandals is excellent wear resistance and elasticity. It has excellent wearing comfort. Its performance is combined with the feel of its wear, which demonstrates its unique and magnificent applicability.
  • The best quality, lowest price and flexible design make you no longer wory about not making money.
  • KINDLY BE NOTED: This is not the final price. Its true price depends on the actual sandal sample and the customer’s packaging requirements for the sandal.
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The Good Slide Sandal Supplier For Your Business

The slide sandal supplier from the hometown of shoes in the world, where is Fujian, China, is a professional eva sandal manufacturer and slide sandal supplier. The company was established on March 1, 1981 and has a history of more than 40 years. During these more than 40 years, the company has produced and exported many sandals and slippers, and has been recognized by many international customers. Many clients have grown and changed because of the company, increasing efficiency and increasing revenue.

Sandal Supplier Status

As of June 2020, the slide sandal supplier in China has a workshop of 30,010 square meters and an office building of 7,300 square meters. It is a large-scale manufacturer and exporter of footwear. The productivity of flip-flops ranks first in the industry. As of June 10, 2021, the company had 5,060 permanent full-time employees and 1,012 temporary full-time employees, and its exports totaled $110 million in 2014, increasing to $111 million in 2016.

Origin sandal supplier

The slide sandal supplier is from Fuzhou, Fujian, China. It is a sandal supplier with a competitive advantage. Fuzhou, Fujian, China is a world-famous hometown of shoes and one of the main bases for the production and export of all kinds of shoes. The traffic here is very developed, not only there are many seaports, but also a convenient international airport. The conditions for producing shoes here are also perfect. It not only has various cheap shoe materials and mature shoe production technology, but also has a complete shoe industry chain and abundant labor force.

SGS certification

In February 2003, the slide sandal supplier passed the SGS certification for the first time and obtained the SGS certificate. Since then, the company’s products have entered the European market, and the production and export of sandals have greatly increased. The company’s business scale has continued to expand, and the variety of products has also continued to increase. In short, after the company was certified by SGS, the company’s business has gained a firm foothold in the international market, and the company’s scale has also grown unprecedentedly.

Sandal Supplier Development History

In 1984, the slide sandal supplier mastered the PVC foaming technology, produced a small amount of PVC sandals, and signed an order contract with some department stores in China, and obtained the first order. Since then, PVC foam sandals were born, and the slipper supplier created the history of foam sandals. Later, with the development of the company and the advancement of foaming technology, the slippers company also invented PE sandals, eva slide sandals, PU slide sandals and so on. Since then, the sandal supplier has a wide variety of sandal products and exports all kinds of sandals to all over the world.

Slide sandals in the European market

In 1991, the slide sandal supplier launched an eva shot sandal, which gave the company an opportunity to grow rapidly. The first batch of eva sandals sold out in less than a few hours in the European market, with 370,000 pairs sold that day. This is a miracle in the sales history of eva slippers, which has laid a solid foundation for the company’s development.

  1. Current products

PVC slide sandals

In 1985, the slide sandal supplier launched a PVC foam sandals, which created the history of PVC microporous sandals. Since then, PVC foam sandals have entered the buyer’s field of vision. This slide sandals is suitable for a wide range of people, and it is beautiful and diverse in design, which is deeply loved by users. The PVC foam sandals are being sold by big and small stores in many parts of the world, and their sales are very good. Every year, they need to purchase a large number of PVC microporous sandals. So the sandal company also receives a lot of sandal orders from them.

EVA slide sandals

In 1987, the slide sandal supplier launched an EVA slide sandals, creating the history of making sandals with EVA as the main raw material. This is the first EVA slide sandals in the world. Its existence has created a new era in the development history of sandals and rewrote the history that pvc sandals are not environmentally friendly. EVA slide sandals can bring health to the human body. The sole of the sandal is made of environmentally friendly EVA material, which has great anti-slip, wear-resistant, shock-absorbing and anti-fatigue properties.

Fashion slide sandals

In 1992, the slide sandal supplier launched a fashionable sandals, breaking the precedent of low-end foam sandals before, and received a positive response from the market. These are high quality slide sandals that are comfortable and durable. The sandal sole is firm, soft and stretchy, and the sandal upper is soft and stretch resistant. The fashionable sandals have just hit the market, and they have ushered in a frenzy of orders from merchants all over the world. Since then, the company’s order volume has grown exponentially and has maintained a steady growth trend for a long time.

The beautiful slide sandals

In 1994, the slide sandal supplier launched a printed slide sandals, the design of slide sandals is no longer monotonous since then. The slide sandals adopts modern advanced printing technology, and its pattern design is very beautiful. At the time, this printed slide sandals was a masterpiece and became one of the most popular slide sandals on the market.

The great beach slipper sandals

In 1993, the slide sandal supplier launched a beach slipper sandals, creating a beach culture-themed sandal history. The beach slipper sandals combines the fashionable beach culture with the sandal performance required for beach activities, realizing the most ideal design of beach sandals and meeting people’s needs for a better life on the beach. In fact, the beach sandals have brought good development to the beach tourism industry, and also brought comfort and a good beach tourism life to people.

The best wedding sandals

In 1995, the slide sandal supplier delivered the first wedding beach wedding sandals with EVA soles to the world market. This is a sandal specially designed for beach weddings, its performance and design is beach wedding theme, it is a very good wedding sandal. Through the beach wedding sandals, the wedding scene will be very exciting, the groom and the bride will get good wishes from the guests, and it can also reduce the physical fatigue caused by the wedding activities to the people on the scene.

Applicable Ads sandals

In 1999, the slide sandal supplier launched an advertising sandal, pioneering the use of sandals for advertising gifts. Before that, people always simply regarded slide sandals as daily necessities, but ignored its commercial use, which was a waste of sandals. This is a great gift sandal for all kinds of commercials. In terms of design, the sandal supports various customizations, and in terms of expenses, it is less expensive.

PU slide sandals

In a Canton Fair in 2001, the slide sandal supplier exhibited a PU slide sandals soon, which attracted a lot of people’s attention. Many people were attracted by the design, craftsmanship, performance and quality of the slide sandals, and they all had a much-loved look on their faces. It was a very successful sandal exhibition, which brought a large number of overseas orders to the company after the exhibition.

Eco-friendly slide sandals

In 2003, the slide sandal supplier launched an environmentally friendly slide sandals for the first time, which created the history of environmental protection of sandals and contributed to the environmental protection cause all over the world. That’s a great eco-friendly sandal. Sandal soles and sandal uppers are made from environmentally friendly eva materials and are made with scientific and environmentally friendly processes. The sandals are characterized by being odorless, non-toxic, energy-saving, high in recycling content, good in degradability, and protecting the earth’s environment.

  1. Logo

The slide sandal supplier not only has many top sandal products, but also many loyal and satisfied customers.

Integrity Sandals Supplier

In the long-term business activities, the slide sandal supplier adheres to the moral concepts of “customer first”, “honoring commitment” and “keeping credibility”. These ethical concepts have become a fairly stable corporate culture of the sandal company, which is the brand of the sandal company. Today, with the continuous improvement of the company system, the sandal company operates in good faith as a magic weapon to defeat its competitors. As long as any promise is made to the customer, the company will faithfully fulfill it.

Supplier’s Brand Community

The slide sandal supplier has a high brand loyalty which is unusual for any partner. For a long time, many large supermarkets have been actively participating in ordering the company’s products and have established a strong cooperative relationship with this supplier. This is a very rare thing, and this supplier has obtained the best treatment, it is all because in many aspects, in any case, the Fuzhou Shuang Li Feng Co.,LTD has indeed done the best, for the partners We provide high-quality products and considerate service.

  1. Serve

Serve attentively

Attentive service is a sign that the slide sandal supplier is becoming mature, it is also a measure for an enterprise to maintain the steady development of customers, and it is the key for an enterprise to improve its competitiveness. The sandal supplier has always regarded attentive service as an important measure for enterprise development, and has fully implemented the basic concept of promoting development through service.

Customer Satisfied Sandals Supplier

In terms of business, the slide sandal supplier has won the trust of customers with a responsible attitude. In the winter of 2014, our company received a sample order for slippers from European customers. At the time, the client just sent us a picture and told us that he wanted it as a design for the slippers. It’s a tough job to do, and many designers and printers are put off by it. Nevertheless, we did not give up, we formed a team of designers and finally produced samples! The customer is very satisfied with the sample received!

Problem solving before it happens

The slide sandal supplier often tells himself: quality service is to meet the customer’s needs before the customer speaks. Before delivering the order, the sandal supplier always understands the commercial use of the sandal and what its target group is from the customer, and then makes a detailed production arrangement. From the packaging of the sandals to the size of the sandals, from the quality to the color of the sandals, the sandal company will strive to be accurate, and will never cause wrong presentations due to human negligence and cause customers to suffer economic losses.

Delivery time is guaranteed

When shipping, there are still some shoes that have not been produced in time. What should we do? The slide sandal supplier tells us the most beautiful answer with action. March 4, 2007 was the delivery date for European customers’ slipper orders, as well as the deadline for shipping, but the company still had some slippers that were not produced in time. The company’s warehouse manager was in a panic and reported the situation to the company manager. Later, the company decided to put the produced slippers into the container first, and the unproduced goods must be produced two days later, and then the company will deliver it to European customers by air freight at its own expense.

  1. Company and Market

The slide sandal supplier produces and exports eva slide sandals, beach sandals, eva slippers, crocs shoes, flip flops, and enjoys a high status among the big and small stores all over the world. The shoe company has established long-term and stable cooperative relations with many partners based on the principles of credit, abiding by contracts and ensuring quality, and has won the trust of our customers.

Sandal company grows business online and offline

The slide sandal supplier publishes product information online, shows sandal products to buyers around the world, and also participates in various exhibitions offline, so that more buyers can see and accept the company’s sandal products. After the sandals company’s long-term work and unremitting efforts, the company’s business has made great progress, from less than 30 partners to more than 400 partners.

The slipper supplier after the Canton Fair

After the annual Canton Fair, there is usually a hot signing interaction between the slide sandal supplier and new and old customers. The sandal company receives many order mails from all over the world almost every day. Afterwards, after statistics, the result was that the Canton Fair brought at least 100 valid orders to the company.

Customer quality

The slide sandal supplier has compared the annual research reports. The report shows that: Compared with the partners of other companies, the company’s partners have a common feature, that is, the company’s customers are stronger, and the company The client’s business scale is larger, and the quality of the company’s clients is higher. The main reason for this is that the price/performance ratio of supplier sandals is higher than that of peer sandals.

Better sandals supplier

In China, the slide sandal supplier is one of the more successful shoe companies. Compared with traditional companies, the company seems to have a deeper cultural background and a higher level. Although its competitors have also tried to make a lot of efforts, but the market position of the slipper supplier has never been shaken. Among its peers, the sandal company is stronger, its service is better, and its influence is greater.

Cultivate and attract high-quality talent

Thanks to the group strength of the company, the slide sandal supplier has grown considerably. Under a series of mentorships from the CEO, each employee came up with ideas, some of which could be said to be original and valuable. Reasonable ideas from employees are often adopted. The company has a solid reputation for developing and attracting high-quality talent. In order to discover outstanding employees, the company has created a “supplier employee” program, which gives shareholding rewards to employees who have made extraordinary contributions.

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the ideal custom slide sandals suppliers to orderers
  • The good quality and the low cost

The ideal custom slide sandals to buyers

These custom slide sandals had the good quality and the low cost, they were very good for buyers.

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Weight17 g
Dimensions80 × 56 × 58 yd
Sole Material


Upper Material




Sizes ( US )

9, 9.5, 10, 10.5, 11, 11.5, 12, 12.5, 13

Sizes ( EUR )

39, 40, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45, 46

Origin Port

JiangYin / XiaMen, China

Charge For Sample

USD$150 ( It would be returned back after placing your order )

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