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  • Best quality and lowest price
  • Design: Custom made
  • Upper Material: Polyester
  • Sole Material: EVA / PE
  • MOQ: 3000 pairs
  • Sandals is excellent wear resistance and elasticity. It has excellent wearing comfort. Its performance is combined with the feel of its wear, which demonstrates its unique and magnificent applicability.
  • The best quality, lowest price and flexible design make you no longer wory about not making money.
  • KINDLY BE NOTED: This is not the final price. Its true price depends on the actual sandal sample and the customer’s packaging requirements for the sandal.


flip flop manufacturers

EVA flip flops was from the professional slipper supplier in china

flip flop manufacturers

the best mens flip flops are from the flip flop company in china

flip flop manufacturers

flip flop manufacturers

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Flip Flop Manufacturers

If you are a flip flop buyer and looking for a professional flip flop supplier, you shouldn’t miss the flip flop manufacturers in front of you.

Professional shoe manufacturers

The flip flop manufacturers are from china and specializes in the production and export of flip flops. We have advanced flip-flop production equipment and has established an annual production line of 15,000,000 pairs flip-flops in accordance with the ISO9001 quality management system. We has a large number of slippers professionals and has established a complete management system. We have experienced slippers designers who make samples of flip-flops for his customers. Strict quality management system, advanced production equipment and technology ensure the output and quality of flip flops. The company’s flip-flops products are sold all over the world and are generally well received by buyers.

Global supplier for flip flops

The flip flop manufacturers is a supplier of flip flops, and its flip flop business spreads all over the world. Didi, we received orders from customers in the United States, Didi, we received orders from European customers, Didi, we received orders from Southeast Asian customers…. In many parts of the world, the supplier’s flip flops are selling very well and order volumes are exceptional.

Flip flop company philosophy

The flip flop manufacturers has a good corporate culture. Our philosophy is to operate honestly, customer first, treat people sincerely, not cheat, establish business ethics, and realize the company’s long-term development. “Quality equals the company’s life” is also one of the main ideas of the flip-flop manufacturer. Earnestly doing every job and providing the best service to every customer strict management, meticulous, not perfunctory, and do everything possible to win the love of customers and the trust of consumers are our belief.

A favorite flip flops manufacturers

The flip flop manufacturers produces and exports rubber flip flops, EVA flip flops, slides sandal, To Their price and quality have been loved and recognized by buyers all over the world.
Our flip-flop styles, colors, sizes, etc. can be customized to suit the needs of any target market. Our flip-flops are extremely cost-effective. The price of flip-flops is the lowest in the industry, while its quality is the best among similar products.

Why is the flip flop manufacturers so beautiful?

The flip flop manufacturers is from Fuzhou, Fujian, China, the world’s flip-flop production and export base. He has a large number of professional and technical personnel for slippers, as well as abundant and cheap labor resources. These origin resources and production techniques provide strong support for the low cost and quality of his flip-flop products. Therefore, the flip flops from this manufacturer have absolute advantages in price and quality compared to other flip flops of the same kind.

Can help you solve competitive problems

The flip flop manufacturers are providing competitive flip flops to buyers all over the world. If your target market has fierce competition, the flip flop manufacturers are your best choice. The flip flop manufacturer is an experienced flip flop manufacturer and supplier, and he is able to provide his customers with strong and competitive flip flop products. Our flip flops are extremely cost-effective, and the quality and cost of flip flops are far superior to any brand flip flops. The flip-flop manufacturer can make your business win in the market competition.

Manufacturer’s custom flip flops

The flip flop manufacturers manufacture and export custom flip flops, its custom flip flops are suitable for market needs. From the design of the flip flops to the color, from the performance of the flip flops to the cost, they are all achieved through customization. Its design and color are unique, and its performance and cost are also what the target market demands. Its custom flip flops are what buyers and the market need and are very beneficial to the buyer’s business.

The ideal flip flops

The flip flop manufacturers manufacture and export the perfect flip flops. Its flip-flops have many of the comfort, durability and health properties that people need, and can meet people’s actual needs for all the performance of flip-flops. Its flip-flops not only have a novel design, but also have anti-slip, wear-resistant, antibacterial and environmental protection properties, which can bring people a great experience. Not only the performance is good, but the craftsmanship of the flip-flops is also very good. The sole and upper of the flip-flops have a good gloss and its color is also very beautiful, which can give people a beautiful feeling.

High quality flip flops

The flip flop manufacturers manufacture and export high quality flip flops. Thanks to the professionalism of this manufacturer, his flip-flops are of high quality. The sole is rubber, which is great for abrasion and slip resistance, and the upper is a premium superfiber material, which is great for stretch resistance and softness. The stability of the flip-flops is very good. Under normal circumstances, its sole and upper will not be damaged for several years, and its color and shape will remain as new for a long time.

Healthy flip flops

The flip flop manufacturers manufacture and export environmentally friendly and healthy flip flops. The manufacturer’s flip-flops are very human friendly. The soles of flip-flops are from recyclable natural rubber materials, which are very friendly to human health and environmental protection. Its materials are energy-saving, degradable, and have high recycling content, which can well protect the earth’s environment and bring people a sustainable living environment. The shock absorption performance of flip-flops is also very good, which can reduce human fatigue caused by exercise.

Quality and price of flip flops

The flip flop manufacturers manufacture and export high-quality flip flops. Compared with other suppliers, the flip-flops produced by this flip-flops factory have the following advantages: in the same quality, its price is lower; in the same price, its quality is the best. Its wholesale price is less than $2, but the quality, performance, and appearance of the flip-flops are beautiful enough to rival high-end flip-flops.

Suppliers that benefit the buyer’s business

The flip flop manufacturers are suppliers that benefit buyers’ business. This flip flops supplier is from the hometown of shoes in the world, where is Fujian, China, and is a professional flip flops manufacturer and exporter. Compared with other suppliers, its flip-flop products are more competitive. The design of flip-flops is newer, but the quality and cost of flip-flops are lower. The manufacturer’s flip flops can bring better business and higher profits to the orderer’s business.

Ideal shoe supplier

The flip flop manufacturers is a professional shoe manufacturer and exporter and an ideal supplier for flip flop orderers. Flip-flops from this supplier are not only of good quality, but also of low cost. This is a simple and low-cost flip flop, but it has exquisite craftsmanship. Its appearance and performance are very beautiful, attracting the attention of many buyers. It is a powerful and attractive flip-flop, and its market competitiveness is enough to break the original market rules and bring new hope to the buyer’s business.

Producer’s Philosophy

The product concept of the flip flop manufacturers is to advocate green and healthy life and export high-quality and low-cost healthy flip-flops to the world. The manufacturer of flip-flops uses natural raw materials to produce high-quality flip-flops in an original ecological production method to ensure the health performance of flip-flops on the human body; Save the purchase cost for the buyer and ensure that the buyer can get the best price.

Company personality

The flip flop manufacturers have a distinct personality, and its company name is Fuzhou Shuang Li Feng Int’l Co.,LTD. The Chinese name of the company is synonymous with “win-win cooperation”, which tells people that you and I will cooperate and win-win, create wealth together to achieve beautiful business goals together.
This is the flip flop manufacturers created for the world’s orderers, and makes a promise to the global buyers: this is the best partner of the world’s flip flop orderers, helping you realize your beautiful business dreams.

flip flop manufacturers

The custom flip flop manufacturers

flip flop manufacturers

The best flip flop manufacturers china, the professional flip flop sandal manufacturers in china

flip flop manufacturers

Good selling flip flops

flip flop manufacturers

It shows the strength slipper company

Custom Flip Flops Are Very Good For Orders
  • Good sale

The idea custom flip flop slippers for orders

These custom flip flop slippers has the good quality and the low price, they are very good for orders.

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Additional information

Weight12 g
Dimensions40 × 28 × 29 yd
Sole material


Upper material


EUR Sizes

37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46

Price (FOB) / Pairs

$ 2,3 (Non-final price)


3000 pairs

Sample fee

$ 130


Fuzhou, Fujian, China

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    Our flip flops are custom made products, and the actual design and price depends on your sample


    Very good ! Good quality and lowest price

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