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  • Best quality and lowest price
  • Design: Custom made
  • Upper Material: Leather
  • Sole Material: EVA
  • Sandals is excellent wear resistance and elasticity. It has excellent wearing comfort. Its performance is combined with the feel of its wear, which demonstrates its unique and magnificent applicability.
  • The best quality, lowest price and flexible design make you no longer wory about not making money.
  • KINDLY BE NOTED: This is not the final price. Its true price depends on the actual sandal sample and the customer’s packaging requirements for the sandal.
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Custom Sandals

We have been manufacturing and exporting slide sandals for over thirty years and have made many upgrades to slide sandals. We have rich experience in producing and exporting slides sandals. If you want me to talk about my general opinion on sandals custom, I think our company’s custom sandals are good products.

Origin custom sandals

The custom sandals are local sandals. The slide sandals come from Fuzhou, Fujian, China. Fuzhou is not only a world-renowned slipper production base but also a world-renowned coastal city. Its geographical location and urban facilities are good business conditions. Fuzhou not only has convenient sea and air transportation, but also has a perfect shoe-making industry chain, cheap materials and abundant labor. The customized sandals from Fuzhou are not only of good quality, but also of novel design and low cost. The custom sandals are undoubtedly a sandal with a competitive edge.

The history of sandals

The custom sandals have a long history. Long ago, Fuzhou, Fujian, China was still a planned economy city, in this city, we produced a small amount of custom slide sandals. Back then, our customized slide sandals were scarce products and only a small number of buyers were able to get them. Later, with the expansion of our production scale and the improvement of factory productivity, our custom slides sandals gradually increased in the market and became a commodity that many buyers can buy.

Custom slides sandals

The custom sandals have flexible designs. The design, color, performance and cost of sandals etc. depend on the needs of the buyer or the market. Buyers can make the design of slide sandals unique or novel through custom slides sandals, make the performance of custom slides sandals applicable, and make the cost of sandals more suitable for business needs. The advantage of this sandal is that the audience is clear, and it is closer to the needs of the market than other sandals. Custom slide sandals are business-friendly sandals.

Companies sandals

The custom sandals are market competitive. The custom slide sandals was produced and exported by Fuzhou Shuang Li Feng Int’l Co.,LTD, an old slippers supplier. Since 1983, the company has been engaged in the production and export of slippers and has a history of 40 years. The company has rich experience in the production of slippers. The company’s custom slide sandals are not only of good quality, but also inexpensive, and are loved by buyers all over the world. Compared with other slippers, companies sandals slides have strong market competitiveness.

Manufacturers slipper sandals

The custom sandals are from a strong manufacturer. Custom slides sandals are produced and exported by a professional slipper company, which is a strong slipper manufacturer. The manufacturer not only has many standard production workshops and advanced production equipment, but also many professional technical personnel and management teams. During peak season, the manufacturer can produce more than 1 million pairs of slides sandals per day, which can fill a basketball court-sized space each day. It can be seen that the output of this trailer is high, and it can meet the demand of large buyers for goods.

Hight quality sandals

The custom sandals are high quality slides sandals. The company can better master the production technology of slippers, and can make the color, size, quality and packaging of the slippers just right. The company is able to fulfill every customer’s order without any errors, giving customers a flawless ordering experience. Therefore, compared with other sandals, our custom slides sandals have better quality and they are more easily accepted by the market.

Hot selling sandals

The custom sandals are popular sandals. Didi, our company has received orders from US customers, Didi, we have received orders from European customers, Didi, we have received orders from Southeast Asian customers… In many countries, our custom slides sandals are Selling very well, our company often receives order mails from customers all over the world. In each year’s bill, we often find that our custom slide sandals have a huge order quantity, and its order quantity has been increasing year by year.

Sandal price cheap

The custom sandals are custom slide sandals that many buyers like. As long as you are a slide sandals orderer, no matter which country or market you are from, you will be very sensitive to the price of customized sandals, and there will be a strong demand for friendly sandal prices. The price of this custom slide sandals is very buyer friendly and will definitely not exceed your budget. You can customize the cost of slide sandals according to the needs of the target market, so that the price of slide sandals meets your needs.

Beautiful slide sandals

The custom sandals are the perfect sandals slides. The sandals slides can combine its flexible design with the comfort, durability and environmental performance required by modern footwear to meet people’s needs for how it looks and how it actually performs. With custom sandals slides, people can not only enjoy the comfort of slides sandals, but also get the satisfaction of good looks brought by custom slide sandals. The sandals slides custom is designed to be totally beyond what it is worth.

Anti-slip eva sandals

The custom sandals are sandals that many buyers will love. Buyers from Europe, Asia or the Americas will appreciate the slip-resistant properties of this sandal. Because we use a special EVA material, the friction properties of the sandal sole are very good. The sandals have good anti-skid performance, can play a role of anti-fall, and can protect the personal safety of users. The custom slide sandals are slip-resistant sandals that buyers love.

Comfortable slide sandals

The custom sandals are great slides sandals. People will love the performance of this slides slippers. Sandal’s sole is not only soft, but also has good shock resistance. Sandals’ upper is also very soft, which is a great comfort performance. The anti-fatigue effect of the slides sandals is very good, it can bring you a great experience.

High quality sandals

The custom sandals are sandals of good quality. Sandals slides have great quality and appearance thanks to premium EVA material. The soles of Custom slide sandals are made of high quality eva material with very stable physical properties. Slide sandals not only have good flexibility and stretch resistance, but also have a great gloss. Slides sandals have a very nice look and it is a very attractive sandal.

Affordable slide sandals

The custom sandals are cost-effective sandals. Compared with other slides sandals, our custom slides sandals have the following characteristics: in the same quality, its price is lower; in the same price, its quality is the best. The wholesale price of these custom slide sandals is less than $2.4, but the quality is fantastic. The slide sandals are very durable, but their cost is quite low. If you don’t pay attention to the brand and only talk about the price/performance ratio, I strongly recommend our custom slide sandals.

SGS sandals

The custom sandals are customized slides sandals certified by SGS. The ingredients, name, price and quality of The slides sandals have been certified by the SGS agency for access to the world market. Our custom slides sandals are SGS slides sandals trusted by buyers, which are generally recognized by buyers all over the world and have better sales in markets around the world.

Eco-friendly sandals

The custom sandals are eco-friendly sandals. The sole of the sandal is from recyclable EVA raw material, which is very friendly to the environment. EVA is an energy-saving and degradable raw material, it has a high recycling content, and it can well protect the earth’s environment. The sandals are not only environmentally friendly, but also beneficial to human health. The customized slides sandals not only have good anti-shock, anti-slip and antibacterial properties, but also it is friendly to the skin of the feet. The customized slides sandals are very friendly to the earth’s environment and human health, they are truly eco-friendly and healthy sandals.

Business-friendly sandals

The custom sandals are slides sandals that are good for business. People are looking for a high quality and low price slides sandals, and want their slides sandals to have great market competitiveness, our custom slide sandals can meet this requirement. The custom slides sandals are from Fuzhou, Fujian, China, which is the hometown of shoes in the world, and it has obvious advantages of origin. The sandal has flexible design, exquisite craftsmanship, high quality and low cost, it will bring unexpected benefits to the business of merchants.

Competitiveness of sandals

The custom sandals are hot selling sandals. What if you’re in the same market as a competitor and they’re selling the same style of slides sandals and you’re worried that your business will be affected? Don’t worry, this custom sandal can help you. The sandal sole has a good gloss and its upper is the most ideal design for buyers. Our slides sandals are attractive to your buyers and it will bring you great business.

Market friendly sandals

The custom sandals are slides sandals business needs. Custom slide sandals are designed with business needs in mind. Unformed design of sandal appearance, unformed design of sandal performance and cost, these are the most precious things in the business. There are no big-box beautiful designs, no discounted minimum prices; because that’s not advisable on business principles. There are many market demands in custom slides sandals, which bring life to the business. It was so dazzling when it was sold that it made the buyer feel novel and delighted, but it was impossible to express it in words.

Free sample

The custom sandals bring you free designs and samples. Custom slide sandals are from a professional sandal company. There is a design department within the company, whose job is to design and produce samples of sandals for the company’s customers. As long as you are an orderer of this sandal or a customer of this company, you can get a free sample of the sandal you want before placing an order. Producing samples is a very expensive thing, and the production cost of samples is often hundreds of times the cost of normal products, but sandal suppliers can afford the expensive samples for you.

Healthy sandals

The custom sandals are good for human health. Knowing custom slides sandals is bound to pay attention to its culture. With the concept of health and the awareness of environmental protection, the more levels, the more benefits. The sole is made of natural eva material, and the upper is made of PU, which is delicate and can protect human health, thus increasing the height of the concept of environmental protection. Some slides sandals are added with special environmentally friendly materials during the production process, so their grades are higher, and they can almost surpass all sandals on the market.

Company culture

The custom sandals are from responsible companies. The company has a distinct personality. The hometown of shoes in the world is Fuzhou, Fujian, and the company will make unremitting efforts to maintain the reputation of the hometown of shoes in the world.

This is a sandal company specially established for the world orderers. The company makes the following promises to the world buyers: we treat each of our customers equally, and take each of our customers seriously, and provide the best service to buyers all over the world with professional quality And export high quality and cheap sandals.


Of course, it can be said that more than what has been written above, and I will not write more here.

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Weight12 g
Dimensions40 × 28 × 29 yd
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Sizes (US)

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JiangYin, China

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$150 ( It would be returned back on placing your order )

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