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  • OEM
  • Lead time: 45-60 days
  • Shipping Notes: Lead times are 45-60 days
  • Price Description: FOB price
  • Design: Custom
  • Sole material: EVA material
  • Upper material: EVA
  • MOQ: 3000 pairs
  • Sandals have excellent wear resistance and elasticity. It has excellent wearing comfort. The combination of its excellent elasticity and wearability demonstrates its unique and excellent applicability.
  • The best quality, lowest price and flexible design make you no longer worry about not making money.
  • Please note: this is not the final price. Its real price depends on the actual shoe samples and the packaging requirements of customers for shoes.
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Our Custom Crocs For Women

I am from China and have been working in a shoe company for a long time, engaged in the production and export of shoes. I have more than 40 years of experience in the industry, and I have witnessed the rise and fall of many types of shoes, as well as the changes in the international shoe market, and have gained a lot of business experience in shoes. While I’m not a shoe expert, I’m actually a seasoned practitioner with a certain say in the shoe space. If an international buyer wanted me to help recommend a shoe, I wouldn’t hesitate to tell him that our custom crocs for women is a good shoe.

  1. Product Features

The imitation crocs

Crocs originated from the crocs company in the United States, our custom crocs for women is one of the imitation crocs shoes. Because our imitation crocs, like the brand crocs, incorporates fashion, fun and multi-functionality, it has been wildly sought after by many people, setting off a wave of imitation crocs all over the world. Our crocs once became a net red shoe and one of the must-have shoes for people to go out.

The customized crocs that buyers like

Our custom crocs for women is a custom crocs specially designed by our company for male users, and it is one of the mens crocs that are very popular among orderers. The custom crocs  women not only have the designs that male users want, but also have a pleasingly high quality and low cost. Since 2004, our customized crocs have been exported all over the world and have been a great sale in stores in many parts of the world.

Beautiful Craft Crocs

Our custom crocs for women have an ugly look, but one of those shoes that people love. In terms of shape, the head of the crocs shoe is like a crocodile head, which is extremely ugly, there is no reason for people to like it, but our customized crocs is a wonderful shoe. Our customized crocs are not only durable, but also comfortable and anti-foot odor properties, especially using high-quality pigments and advanced dyeing technology to achieve the best color results, making our custom crocs look distinctive.

Our men’s crocs on Canton Fair

Although imitation shoes, our custom crocs for women have had many brilliant experiences. Since 2004, our custom crocs have been performing well in the annual Canton Fair. In the Spring Canton Fair 2004, the samples of our crocs were exhibited soon and attracted many inquiries. At this time, a large crowd gathered in front of our booth, and for a while it was in chaos. Most of them are business bigwigs from stores all over the world, scrambling to talk and pass business cards to our on-site staff.

After the Canton Fair

Generally speaking, our custom crocs for women can bring a large number of orders to the company shortly after the annual Canton Fair. We started signing the interaction. At this time, the company will receive many emails from all over the world almost every day, most of which are buyers who are interested in ordering our custom crocs. Later, after statistics, the company concluded that the exhibition of custom crocs brought at least 3,000 customer emails to the company and brought a large number of overseas orders to the company. The customize crocs are one of our company’s most ordered products.

Cost effective

Our custom crocs for women are imitation croc shoes, but their material, performance and quality are the same as brand crocs. The shoes have the same flexibility, abrasion resistance, slip resistance and foot odor resistance as the brand crocs shoes, as well as the same comfort and durability as the brand crocs. The advantages of this shoe come not only from its performance, but also from its cost. In addition to the same performance as brand shoes, it costs less than one-tenth the cost of brand shoes. Compared with brand croc shoes, our croc shoes are more cost-effective.

Origin features

Our custom crocs for women are produced in Fujian, China, where is the world famous hometown of shoes and has obvious advantages in origin. Since the 1860s, Fujian has been famous all over the world for producing all kinds of shoes, and it is one of the most important shoe production and export bases in the world. There are convenient sea and air transportation, abundant labor force, mature shoe-making technology, cheap shoe materials, complete shoe-making industry chain and hard-working workers. These excellent conditions are beneficial to the development of the shoe industry, the improvement of output and quality, the reduction of costs and the creation of products.

Custom design crocs

Our custom crocs for women comes from a professional shoe company, it is a custom shoe and a business-friendly shoe. The custom crocs leaves a huge design space for the store. All its design, performance and cost depend on the folk culture, living habits and needs of the store where the shoes are sold. Through custom crocs, buyers can get croc shoes of any design, which can make their shoes acceptable to users and make the shoes in their stores sell well. Our custom crocs are conducive to the business development of the store and should be valued by buyers.

Supplier culture

If supplier culture is a part of product value, or one of the important criteria for orderers to judge the reliability of product quality, our custom crocs for women is a kind of shoes with both value and quality. The custom crocs are from a professional shoe company with a distinct culture of individuality. The company makes the following commitments to buyers all over the world: the company treats every customer equally, and takes every customer seriously, provides the best service to buyers all over the world with professionalism and exports a variety of high-quality and low-cost shoe products .

  1. Product function

SGS croc shoes

Our custom crocs for women are SGS shoes. If you are a buyer from Europe, you must be concerned about whether the shoes you are about to purchase meet European environmental standards. This is very important, it is related to the question of whether your goods will be allowed to be sold in the European market in the future. It doesn’t matter, Our customized crocs can help you solve this problem. All of our shoes are free of Pb, Cd, Hg, Cr6+, PBDE, PBB. In February 2003, they passed the SGS certification and obtained the SGS certificate, which fully meets the European environmental protection standards.

Durable shoes

Many people will appreciate the low cost and durable crocs, our custom crocs for women are exactly such shoes. Our custom crocs are made of eva raw material (EVA material is a material known as artificial rubber, which is used in high-end shoes), which is one of the high-quality shoes. The shoes are not only flexible, wear-resistant, resilient and fold-resistant, but also not easily broken, deformed and discolored. Our customized crocs are very durable and are high quality shoes that everyone will love.

Anti Slip Safety Shoes

All users want a pair of shoes with good anti-skid performance, our custom crocs for women can meet this demand. Our customized crocs have strong adhesion to smooth surfaces. When the sole slides over the ground, a strong frictional force is created between the sole and the ground. That’s what we call skid resistance. No matter what kind of surface, as long as a pair of our replica shoes are on their feet, people don’t need to worry about slipping and bodily injury. So, in a sense, our knockoff croc shoes can be called great safety shoes.

Anti-fatigue shoes

There is a great need for a pair of shoes with shock absorption and cushioning, and our custom crocs for women is just what they need. When walking, every moment when the sole of the foot contacts the ground, it will generate a certain impact force, which will bring vibration to the human body and cause fatigue to the human body. Our customized crocs are made of highly elastic eva material, its toughness and shock absorption are very good, it is one of the most ideal anti-shock and anti-fatigue shoes in the world today.

Eco-friendly shoes

Today, when the earth is seriously polluted, human beings urgently need pollution-free products to reduce the earth’s waste, and our custom crocs for women can just meet this need. Customized crocs shoes use environmentally friendly materials, formula materials and scientific production processes, so that all indicators of shoes can meet environmental protection standards. The shoes are not only energy-saving, odorless and non-toxic, but also have high recycling content and good degradability, can be decomposed into soil substances in a natural environment and within a certain period of time, and can be used for cultivating plants and are beneficial to plant growth.

Cost-effective shoes

Many people want to buy the best for the least amount of money, and our custom crocs for women is exactly the kind of shoes that can help them achieve this dream. Our croc shoes are shoes with higher cost performance. Compared with other shoes, it has the following characteristics: in the same price crocs shoes, our customized crocs are of better quality; in the same quality of customized crocs, our customized crocs are lower cost.

Comfortable shoes

Our custom crocs for women is undoubtedly one of the best shoes if you judge the quality of shoes by their comfort. Our custom croc shoes have great comfort. The sole is soft and hard, and the shock absorption and cushioning performance is excellent. It puts less than 7 times the normal pressure on your knees and ankles. When your feet are wearing our croc shoes and walking, you will feel the comfort of a soft landing every moment under your feet.

Sophisticated Imitation Shoes

Many wholesalers want a shoe that meets the needs of their target market, and our custom crocs for women are just right for them. Our croc shoes are customized shoes, support customized shoes material, performance, color, size, cost, design and brand, etc. Compared with ordinary croc shoes, our customized crocs shoes have the following advantages: the design of crocs is more distinctive, the performance is better, it meets the needs of the market, and is conducive to business development.

Supplier’s croc shoes

For better business, many international buyers are looking for supplier’s crocs shoes, our custom crocs for women can help them achieve this purpose. Our custom crocs is a professional shoe manufacturer and exporter from China. The shoe manufacturer can not only guarantee the quality and quantity of custom crocs, but also the lower cost of shoes. Our custom crocs is a business-friendly shoe and one of the supplier’s crocs that buyers all over the world want to order.

Healthy shoes

Many people will crave health, our custom crocs for women is a shoe that can bring health to people. The crocs shoes not only use the human-friendly EVA material, but also combine the modern skin protection technology, which is a kind of rare shoes with healthy performance. Its upper is soft, does not rub the feet, and is very friendly to the skin on the feet; its sole is soft, shock absorption, good resilience and good comfort. Our custom crocs are a shoe that combines fitness and comfort in one.

High quality shoes

All shoe buyers care about the quality of shoes, international buyers are no exception, our custom crocs for women is one of the best quality shoes. The custom crocs are able to combine its flexible design with the comfort, durability and environmental performance required by modern footwear, meeting people’s need for its actual performance. The shoes are not only anti-slip, breathable, warm, environmentally friendly and comfortable, giving people a good feeling, but more importantly, the craftsmanship is exquisite, beautiful and generous, giving people a good aesthetic effect.

  1. Clients

Our imitation crocs

Our custom crocs for women have been in the market since May 2002 and have had many loyal buyers and these buyers have continued to grow over time. In September, it is the annual shoe ordering season, new and old buyers are very active, they send and receive emails to order our custom crocs, and they often call our business department in the middle of the night. That’s a normal thing, they have only one purpose, and that is when summer comes, their stores can’t live without our knockoff crocs.

Our clients from

In two decades of development, our custom crocs for women has become a very mature product, and there are many merchants or stores. This merchant or store is our long-term customer. At the beginning of 1982, around the world, we cooperated with less than 4 stores, but in 2002, it increased to more than 700. In the past 20 years, our stores of imitation crocs have grown 174 times. Our partners are all over the world, and we have partners in Southeast Asia, Africa, Europe and the Americas. This is only the result of preliminary statistics for a certain period of time. In fact, the number of customers who imitate crocs is far more than these.

Product popularity

If you’re looking for a shoe that many people are ordering, you shouldn’t miss our custom crocs for women. Didi, we have received an order from a customer in the United States, he wants to order our custom crocs, Didi, we have received an order from a European customer, he wants to order our custom crocs, Didi, we receive Arrived an order from a customer in southeast Asia who wanted to order our custom crocs. In their store, our crocs shoes sell very well, every year our company exports a lot of custom crocs to them.

  1. Marketing

Shoe exhibition

In April 2003, our custom crocs for women was just displayed at the Canton Fair, which attracted many new and old customers. Among them, some are consulting, and some are handing business cards. From the expression, they like our customized croc shoes from the bottom of their hearts, revealing an undisguised desire to order in their hearts. At this year’s exhibition, our customize crocs were loved by many buyers and achieved good exhibition results. This is one of the most successful shoe exhibitions ever in the shoe industry.

Hot selling shoes

Our custom crocs for women are good selling knockoff crocs. In March 2001, our company sent 4 imitation crocs of 40-foot container to a European customer, about 130,000 pairs. After 25 days, the European customer received our goods and put the imitation crocs shoes into the store for sale. On April 19 of the same year, that is, more than 40 days after our delivery time, our company’s business department received a replenishment request email from this European customer. The email probably meant that they needed replenishment. Send them three containers of imitation croc shoes in the shortest possible time.

Competitiveness of shoes

In the 2001 survey report on the product competitiveness of all companies, there is a piece of information on the list, our custom crocs for women has a strong competitiveness, and its competitiveness ranks in the forefront of peer products. Consumers of our customized crocs shoes are generally wealthier and more educated than consumers of other shoes. Research shows that this correlation is on average, probably because our knockoff crocs are better than other brands of croc shoes.

People’s favorite shoes

Over the decades, our custom crocs for women have become influential shoes. In July 2014, our company held a product order meeting and invited many customers. In a private chat, an old customer from Southeast Asia talked about some of their stores. This Southeast Asian customer told our salesman about the sales of our custom crocs in their store. He said that our imitation croc shoes were selling very well to him. There are many customers who come to buy the shoes every day, sometimes customers have to queue to get our imitation crocs.

custom crocs for women

company profile

custom crocs for women

Our factory

custom crocs for women

Loading container with crocs

custom crocs for women

Our certificates

The ideal custom crocs womens to orderers
  • The good quality and the low cost

The ideal custom crocs womens to buyers

These custom crocs womens had the good quality and the low cost, they were very good for buyers.

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Additional information

Weight17 g
Dimensions80 × 56 × 58 yd
Sole Material


Upper Material




Sizes ( US )

9, 9.5, 10, 10.5, 11, 11.5, 12, 12.5, 13

Sizes ( EUR )

39, 40, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45, 46, 47

Origin Port

JiangYin / XiaMen, China

Charge For Sample

USD$150 ( It would be returned back after placing your order )

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