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  • OEM
  • Lead time: 45-60 days
  • Price Description: FOB price
  • Design: Custom
  • Sole material: EVA material
  • Upper material: EVA
  • MOQ: 3000 pairs
  • Sandals have excellent wear resistance and elasticity. It has excellent wearing comfort. The combination of its excellent elasticity and wearability demonstrates its unique and excellent applicability.
  • The best quality, lowest price and flexible design make you no longer worry about not making money.
  • Please note: this is not the final price. Its real price depends on the actual shoe samples and the packaging requirements of customers for shoes.
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Crocs Shoes Wholesale Suppliers

The Fuzhou Shuang Li Feng Co.,LTD is a footwear company focusing on design, production and export. The company is located in the world-famous hometown of shoes, where is Fujian, China, and has unique industrial resources. The company was established in 1981. Since its establishment, it has been engaged in the export business of shoes. Wholesale crocs shoes is one of the company’s businesses. It is a professional crocs shoes wholesale suppliers, its shoe series products include custom sports shoes, custom flip flops, custom slide sandals, custom slippers and custom made crocs.

Company status

As of June 2020, the crocs shoes wholesale suppliers in China have a workshop of 30,010 square meters and an office building of 7,300 square meters. It is a large-scale manufacturer and exporter of footwear. The productivity of shoes ranks first in the industry. As of June 10, 2021, the company had 5,060 permanent full-time employees and 1,012 temporary full-time employees, and its exports totaled $110 million in 2014, increasing to $111 million in 2016.

Company development history

In March 1983, the crocs shoes wholesale suppliers mastered the PVC foaming technology, produced a small amount of PVC flip-flops, and signed an order contract with some department stores in China, and obtained the first order, the name of the slippers. Named “Micro-hole Flip-Flops”. At that time, the flip-flops were only made of PVC material. Compared with today’s flip-flops, its material was very monotonous, but at that time, it was a great product. Compared with other slippers, the micro-porous flip-flops were Better comfort, earned a reputation for great innovation, and culminated in the production of the first flip-flops.

Origin supplier

The crocs shoes wholesale suppliers are located in Fuzhou, Fujian, China, and are the origin suppliers. Fuzhou, Fujian, China is the hometown of shoes in the world, where is the ideal place to produce shoes. In Fuzhou, there are many shoe companies and supporting industries related to shoes, which is a perfect production chain. Here, the company gets many orders from all over the world every year, produces all kinds of shoes, and exports all kinds of custom made crocs to all over the world.

SGS certification

In February 2003, the crocs shoes wholesale suppliers passed the SGS certification for the first time and obtained the SGS certificate. Since then, the company’s products have entered the European market, and its output and export volume have greatly increased. The company’s business scale has continued to expand, and the variety of products has also continued to increase. In short, after the company was certified by SGS, the company’s business has gained a firm foothold in the international market, and the company’s scale has also grown unprecedentedly.

  1. Current products

Rubber shoes

In March 1997, the crocs shoes wholesale suppliers launched a rubber shoes, which aroused an ordering boom. This is a shoe with the same style and quality as branded crocs, but it costs less than one-tenth the cost of branded crocs. Pay less for shoes of the same quality as the brand, and people will love it. Therefore, this fake crocs has become the target of many buyers competing to order. Hypermarkets and shoe wholesalers all over the world ordered the rubber shoes one after another. In just three months, the wholesale crocs suppliers received 710 orders, and the total order reached 12,000,000 pairs.

Custom design crocs

In April 1997, the crocs shoes wholesale suppliers launched a custom crocs, saying goodbye to the simple history of rubber shoes design. Since then, the style of rubber shoes has been diversified. Its design is no longer monotonous and boring, but colorful, providing more choices for the market. With custom crocs, buyers can buy any design crocs they want. Since then, crocs of various designs have begun to appear on the shelves and windows of various stores, attracting a large number of buyers.

Custom Nurse shoes

In July 1998, the crocs shoes wholesale suppliers launched a customized nurse shoes, creating a history of high-quality and multi-purpose nurse shoes. Made of high quality eco-friendly eva material, this nurse shoe is a great work and life shoe. The nurse shoes not only have great waterproof, breathable, slip-resistant, abrasion-resistant, anti-bacterial and anti-foot odor properties, but also soft and great comfort. The nurse shoe not only has good performance, but also has a wide range of uses. Due to the fact that it can be customized, there are various designs of nurse shoes, which are suitable for the needs of various groups of people. Whether students, nurses or other professions will love this custom nurse shoe.

Garden shoes

In July 1999, the crocs shoes wholesale suppliers launched a garden shoes, providing a brand new work shoes for the global market. The shape of Garden shoes is somewhat similar to that of rain boots, but its performance is much better than that of rain boots. The garden shoes not only have all the waterproof and anti-skid properties of rain boots, but also the breathable, anti-slip, wear-resistant, antibacterial and anti-foot odor properties that rain boots do not have. Compared with rain boots, the garden shoes have better softness and comfort, and are more suitable for rural working environment. Today, more than 20 years later, the garden shoes are still one of the most important work shoes.

PE flip flops

In 1985, the crocs shoes wholesale suppliers launched a PE flip-flops. Since then, the style of flip-flops is no longer monotonous, and the male and female attributes of flip-flops have been distinguished since then. The drag design has become a milestone in the development history of the flip-flop industry. The PE flip flops just launched are very popular. People are rushing to buy, and the market share occupied by PE flip-flops continues to rise. In addition, because PE flip-flops require many accessories, downstream industries are also driven to rise.

Rubber flip flops

In 1987, the crocs shoes wholesale suppliers launched a rubber flip-flop, creating the history of flip-flops with natural rubber as the main raw material. The flip-flops are made of natural rubber foam material, and the sole has great anti-slip, wear-resistant and anti-fatigue properties. The rubber flip flops combine the durable, economical, comfortable, environmental protection and health functions of flip-flops for the first time, making flip-flops beneficial to environmental protection and human health. The rubber flip flops sold in the 1990s had a number of improvements, and until now rubber flip flops are still a popular product.

The history of rubber flip-flops

In 1991, the crocs shoes wholesale suppliers ushered in a spring of development, and rubber flip flops entered the international market. The first batch of rubber flip-flops was sold out in less than a few hours in the European market, with 430,000 pairs sold that day. This sales volume created the first best-selling miracle in history, and also laid a solid foundation for the company’s development in overseas markets.

Fashion flip flops

In 1992, the crocs shoes wholesale suppliers launched a fashionable rubber flip-flops, which broke the precedent of low-end flip-flops and gained positive response from the market. This is a high quality flip flop that is comfortable and durable. Rubber sole, firm, soft and stretchy, the flip-flop top is soft and stretch resistant. As soon as the fashionable flip-flops were launched, they received frantic orders from merchants all over the world. The sales were very hot, and the order volume also increased exponentially. In the following sales, the fashion flip-flops have been acting as a mainstream product and maintained a stable sales volume.

Hot selling printed flip flops

In 1994, the crocs shoes wholesale suppliers launched a flip-flop decorated with printing, which is the world’s first flip-flop product that can reflect the purpose. This printed flip flops is regarded as one of the most popular and best-selling products due to precise market positioning and affordable price. Not only does this flip-flop have the performance people want, but it also has the precise design people love, making it a masterpiece.

The great beach flip flops

In 1993, the crocs shoes wholesale suppliers launched a beach flip flops, creating a historical precedent for flip flops with the theme of beach cultural life. The beach flip flops are a variety of appearance and performance designs to meet the needs of a variety of beach activity themes. In actual use, its appearance design and performance have played an important role, reflecting the product value of beach flip-flops. The beach flip flops not only promotes the development of beach tourism and brings colorful tourism life to people, but also its sales are greatly improved.

The best wedding flip flops

In 1995, the crocs shoes wholesale suppliers produced and exported a wedding flip-flops, and delivered the first wedding flip flops with rubber soles to the world market. The flip-flops use rubber foam soles and PVC uppers, which have great advantages in performance. The flip-flops are soft, wear-resistant, slip-resistant, and shock-absorbing, meaning they have all the anti-fatigue, sound-dampening, and scratch-resistant wood floor surfaces you need for a wedding flip-flop.

Applicable Ads Flip-Flops

In 1999, the crocs shoes wholesale suppliers launched an advertising flip flops, creating a precedent for flip-flops to be used for advertising gifts. Before that, people always simply regarded flip-flops as daily necessities. When the advertisement flip-flops came on the market, people had a new understanding of flip-flops: flip-flops are both daily necessities and gifts. Since then, flip-flops have more advertising attributes in people’s understanding. The flip-flops feature low cost, a wide choice of colors, and custom designs. This ad flip flop is obviously one of the great business giveaways.

Indoor outdoor flip flops

In the 2001 Canton Fair, the crocs shoes wholesale suppliers exhibited an indoor outdoor flip flops, opening up a road of high-end flip-flops. The flip-flops are composed of rubber foam soles and rubber uppers, which are of high grade, beautiful and generous. Rubber foam soles are flexible, yet strong, slip-resistant, abrasion-resistant and durable. The rubber upper is tough and soft, which is characteristic of durability and comfort. Soon after the exhibition, the indoor outdoor flip flops quickly attracted people’s attention, and more and more people came to inquire.

Eco-friendly flip flops

In 2003, the crocs shoes wholesale suppliers launched an environmentally friendly flip-flop for the first time, which created the environmental protection history of flip-flops and contributed to the environmental protection cause all over the world. In appearance, the eco-friendly flip-flops are the same as ordinary flip-flops, but they have great environmental performance. The soles and uppers of the flip-flops are made from environmentally friendly materials and are made with scientific and environmentally friendly processes. The characteristics of flip-flops are odorless, non-toxic, energy-saving, high in recycling content, good in degradability, and protect the earth’s environment.

  1. Clients

By 2015, the crocs shoes wholesale suppliers had more than 600 partners. They come from all over the world and are large purchasers, many of which are world chain enterprises.

Supplier’s Brand Community

The crocs shoes wholesale suppliers have high brand loyalty, which is unusual for any product. For a long time, the cooperative company has been actively participating in ordering the products of this supplier, and has established a strong cooperative relationship with this supplier. This is something very rare. However, in any case, the flip flop supplier has done the best and provided intimate service to the partners.

  1. Marketing

Online and offline business

The crocs shoes wholesale suppliers publish product information on the official website and recommend new and old products to the industry and the public. Although the online product display will continue for a long time, the offline exhibition will not be left behind. The flip flop supplier will always maintain offline interaction with new and old collaborators and insist on participating in the annual Canton Fair.

After the Canton Fair

After the annual Canton Fair, the crocs shoes wholesale suppliers usually have a hot signing interaction. At this time, almost every day the company receives many emails from all over the world, most of which are buyers who are interested in ordering. Later, after statistics, the company concluded that a Canton Fair brought at least 3,000 customer emails to the company and brought a large number of overseas orders to the company.

On July 17, 2015, at the Canton Fair, Zheng Changxing told the merchants who came to consult: “People talk about Fuzhou Shuang Li Feng Co.,LTD being the best shoe supplier.”

Customer quality

In the 2017 research report, the crocs shoes wholesale suppliers showed that the partners of the Fuzhou Shuang Li Feng Co.,LTD have a common feature compared with the partners of other companies, each Fuzhou Shuang Li Feng Co.,LTD of customers have stronger economic power and larger business scale than other companies on average.

Research shows that, on average, this correlation can be due to the fact that Fuzhou Shuang Li Feng Co.,LTD’s products are more cost-effective than their peers, and flip flop suppliers’ products are different from those of the same industry.

Strong company

In China, the crocs shoes wholesale suppliers is one of the very successful shoe companies founded in the 1880s. Compared with the traditional cultural concepts, the company seems to have a deeper cultural background and a higher level. Compared to other highly successful shoe companies, the flip flop supplier was more influential during the same period. Although its competitors have also tried to make a lot of efforts, the market position of the Fuzhou Shuang Li Feng Co.,LTD has never been shaken, and it is as stable as Mount Tai.

Cultivate and attract high-quality talent

Thanks to the group strength of the company, the crocs shoes wholesale suppliers have developed by leaps and bounds. Under a series of mentorships from the CEO, each employee came up with ideas, some of which could be said to be original and valuable. Reasonable ideas from employees are often adopted. The company has a solid reputation for developing and attracting high-quality talent. In order to discover outstanding employees, the company has created a “supplier employee” program, which gives shareholding rewards to employees who have made extraordinary contributions.

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