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  • Best quality and lowest price
  • Design: Custom
  • Sole material:EVA material
  • Upper material: Microfiber + fur
  • Sandals have excellent wear resistance and elasticity. It has excellent wearing comfort. The combination of its excellent elasticity and wearability demonstrates its unique and excellent applicability.
  • The best quality, lowest price and flexible design make you no longer worry about not making money.
  • Please note: this is not the final price. Its real price depends on the actual sandals samples and the packaging requirements of customers for sandals.


chinese shoes

Fur slide sandals from china

chinese shoes

Fur slipper sandals custom wholesale

chinese shoes

Custom wholesale fur slippers sandals china suppliers

chinese shoes

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chinese shoes


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Chinese Shoes

Chinese shoes are world-famous, with high quality and low prices. They are the most favorite footwear in the world.

The history of Chinese shoes

Chinese shoes come from Fujian, China, which is the origin of the world shoes, and they are exported all over the world. The development of shoes china has a history of thousands of years. From animal leather shoes in ancient times to today’s various shoe styles, it has gone through a long development journey.

Types of Chinses shoes

There are many types of Chinese shoes, and they can be made from a variety of materials. The more famous shoes include EVA shoes, rubber shoes, PVC shoes, etc., which are mainly exported to European and American countries. Chinese EVA sandals, rubber sandals, and PVC sandals have low prices and high quality, and are loved by users all over the world.

Chinese shoes function

Since ancient times, people have not only used Chinese shoes as wearing articles, but also used them for health care. The soles of shoe china have moderate hardness and elasticity, which is helpful for exercise, relieves human fatigue, and has a better prevention and treatment effect for patients with Achilles tendinitis. The shoes have various designs and can be worn on various occasions to meet people’s beauty needs. The upper of the shoe is soft, which is good for protecting the skin of the instep and brings a comfortable wearing experience.

Chinese shoes cost performance

Brand shoes are very expensive. Chinese shoes have the same quality as brand shoes, but the price will never exceed your budget. So many expensive materials only produce a few pairs of shoes, and advanced production technology avoids the waste of materials. Such shoes will surely bring great surprises to people.

Chinese shoe appearance

Chinese shoes are impeccable. shoes china are not only of good material, but also beautiful in appearance. The surface of the shoe has uniform color distribution, no stains, no pores, delicate and shiny. And the color matching of each part is reasonable, reflecting each other, forming a beautiful whole. They can not only meet the needs of users to wear, but also meet people’s aesthetic needs.

Chinese shoes have been attracting world buyers

International buyers have fallen in love with Chinese shoes, low prices and high-end quality. During the shoe purchase season, shoes china are their first choice and become one of their main goods. Shoes Chinese have great charm. Not only does it attract a large number of world users, it also attracts countless world merchants.

Unsurpassable Chinese shoes

Thanks to the complete industrial chain, Chinese shoes have good quality, low prices and innovative designs. Compared with similar shoes, its quality is the same as brand shoes, but its price is much lower than brand shoes. The shoe design is always able to meet the buyer’s requirements.

Chinese shoes are equivalent to brand shoes

Although the name of Chinese shoes is not as loud as brand shoes, countless brand shoes are from China. Adidas, Nike and other international brand shoes are actually shoes Chinese , they are made in China.

Our Chinese sandals

21 years ago, we launched a variety of Chinese shoes, using pure natural rubber and environmentally friendly EVA materials, comfortable and good for human health. Our shoes are sandals of various styles. They have always played an important role in the international market, benefiting a large number of businesses and users.

Chinese sandals that bring benefits to businesses

Shoes buyers can cheer up, we have prepared many great Chinese sandals. Our Chinese sandals include men’s and women’s sandals, children’s sandals, etc. Our sandals are of high quality and low price, which are deeply loved by users and merchants all over the world.

chinese shoes

chinese shoes

chinese shoes

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Weight12 g
Dimensions40 × 28 × 29 yd
Sole Material


Upper Material



Treasure Owner

Sizes (US)

9 9.5 10 10.5 11 11.5

Sizes (EUR)

39 40 41 42 43 44

Origin Port

JiangYin \ XiaMen, China

Charge For Sample

$150 (It would be back after placing your order)

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