Canvas Flip Flops Wholesale Fabric Flip Flops China

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  • Price Description: FOB price
  • Best quality and the lowest price
  • Design: Custom made
  • Upper Material: Microfiber fabric
  • Sole Material: Rubber / EVA
  • MOQ: 3000 pairs
  • Sandals is excellent wear resistance and elasticity. It has excellent wearing comfort. Its performance is combined with the feel of its wear, which demonstrates its unique and magnificent applicability.
  • The best quality, lowest price and flexible design make you no longer wory about not making money.
  • KINDLY BE NOTED: This is not the final price. Its true price depends on the actual sandal sample and the customer’s packaging requirements for the sandal.


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Canvas Flip Flops Wholesale

We are from Fuzhou, Fujian, China. We have been producing and exporting various sandals, slippers and sports shoes for more than 30 years. We are a professional shoe manufacturer, supplier and exporter in China. All kinds of shoes we produce and export are exported all over the world, and are favored by merchants and users. Canvas flip flops wholesale is one of our exported products and enjoys a high reputation all over the world.

The meaning of Canvas flip flops

The canvas flip flops wholesale is a good product for merchants to make money. Under the existing market conditions, it can be easily converted into money to increase the wealth of businesses. Especially valuable is that it can meet people’s demand for foot wear while bringing source goods to the market. Especially today when people need to earn money to live, it plays an important role.

Our wholesale flip flops canvas

Our canvas flip flops wholesale are very good fabric flip flops. It has many advantages that ordinary flip-flops do not have, and it is the best in flip-flops. Low cost, flexible design, exquisite craftsmanship, super cost-effective and strong market competitiveness are its main features. The following is a specific introduction about the product, it can help you to further understand our canvas flip flops.

Good selling custom flip flops canvas

Our canvas flip flops wholesale are very good custom flip flops slippers, they are very popular in the world market. It can be customized into ordinary flip flops with various styles and functions to gain a huge market share, and it can also be customized into flip flops for a certain purpose for precise sales. No matter where in the world, our fabric flip flops have a market and will get good sales. It is a kind of custom flip flops that can help merchants achieve commercial purposes.

Cost-effective fabric flip flops sandals

Our canvas flip flops wholesale are cost-effective fabric flip flop sandals. Compared with other canvas flip flops, it has the following characteristics: in the same quality, its price is lower; in the same price, its quality is the best. The price-performance ratio of The suppliers flip flops canvas has attracted many orderers from all over the world and has been favored by people. Every year, our canvas flip flops sandals have a large sales volume.

Beach walk slippers with healthy performance

Our canvas flip flops wholesale are flip flop sandals with great health performance. The flip-flop sole is made of environmentally friendly materials through modern foaming technology, and its upper is made of canvas fabric sewn by artificial technology. The flip flops not only have environmental protection performance, but also have excellent breathability, anti-skid, anti-foot odor and reduce human fatigue performance. It is a kind of flip flops that is beneficial to human health.

Flip flops with good comfort and abrasion resistance

Our canvas flip flops wholesale are flip flops with great comfort and abrasion performance. The flip-flop sole has good elasticity and is easy to bend, and its upper is soft, has a good affinity for the instep skin, and is very comfortable to wear. Our flip flops are made of wear-resistant shoe materials, which have great wear-resistant and stretch-resistant properties and can extend their service life.

Exquisite flip flops sandals

Our canvas flip flops wholesale are high-quality flip flops sandals. The surface of the flip flops has a great gloss, giving people a beautiful feeling. The bottom material of flip-flops is also quite good, which meets people’s aesthetic requirements. The sole material of the flip-flops is smooth and delicate, which is a great touch. The craftsmanship of the flip flops is also very exquisite, which is the characteristic of high-end flip flops.

Competitive origin flip flops sandals

Our canvas flip flops wholesale is a strong competitive origin flip flops. It comes from the production and export base of flip-flops in the world, which is Fuzhou, Fujian, China, which is the ideal place to produce flip-flops. There are many cheap shoe materials, abundant labor resources, mature production technology and perfect industrial chain. Compared with fabric flip flops in other places, the canvas flip flops here are lower cost, better quality and more exquisite craftsmanship.

Worth ordering supplier’s flip flop slippers wholesale

Our china eva slippers are worth ordering eva beach slippers, it is a kind of suppliers flip flops that businessers and users will like. It not only has many outstanding performances and exquisite designs, which can bring good feelings to users; it also has high cost performance and market competitiveness, which can bring huge economic benefits to businesses.

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Cheap custom canvas flip flops from supplier
  • Good quality and the low price

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These supplier’s fabric flip flops have the good quality and the low price, they are the ideal flip flops for orderers.

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Additional information

Weight12 g
Dimensions40 × 28 × 29 yd
Sole Materials

EVA / Rubber

Upper Material

Canvas / Fabric


Treasure Owner

Sizes (USA)

9, 9.5, 10, 10.5, 11, 11.5, 12, 12.5, 13

Sizes ( EUR )

39, 40, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45, 46, 47

Origin Ports

JiangYin / XiaMen, China

Charge For Sample

$150 ( It would be returned back after placing your order )

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  1. Changxing

    These fabric flip flops are custom flip flops suppliers, they are very goog for orders.


    Very Good

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