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  • Price Description: FOB price
  • Best quality and lowest price
  • Design: Custom made
  • Upper Material: PVC / Rubber
  • Sole Material: Rubber / EVA
  • MOQ: 3000 pairs
  • Sandals is excellent wear resistance and elasticity. It has excellent wearing comfort. Its performance is combined with the feel of its wear, which demonstrates its unique and magnificent applicability.
  • The best quality, lowest price and flexible design make you no longer wory about not making money.
  • KINDLY BE NOTED: This is not the final price. Its true price depends on the actual sandal sample and the customer’s packaging requirements for the sandal.
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Beach Flip Flops

Sandy beach is a very good place. The fresh air and beautiful scenery have always attracted countless tourists and aroused people’s demand for some commodities. Beach flip flops is one of them.

If you are a beach tourist, or a guest attending a beach wedding, or a player who is keen on the beach, you will definitely have a great interest in beach flip flops, and you will want to get a pair of your own flip flops. This is the demand for beach flip flops brought by the beach.

The flip flops are suitable for sandy beach

The beach flip flops is a flip flop specially designed for sandy beach, which is very suitable for people to wear and walk on the beach. The environmentally friendly natural rubber sole and stretch-resistant PVC upper is a beach flip-flop with concentrated waterproof, wear-resistant, healthy and comfortable performance, especially its V-shaped upper design brings people cool in summer .

Beach flip flops composition and customizability

The beach flip flops are composed of sole and upper embolism. Its sole is made of natural rubber, and its upper is made of virgin PVC. The color of its sole and upper can be any color you want. In short, its colors, text and patterns are all customizable. People can customize their own flip flops beach according to the needs of their beach activities, and can customize beach wedding flip flops, swimming flip flops beach, etc.

Healthy and comfortable flip flop performance

The beach flip flops are very friendly to the human body. The natural rubber sole is a great design with elasticity and toughness. It gives people a very comfortable wearing experience and also protects the health of the wearer. The flip flops beach has a great shock absorption function, which has the effect of reducing human fatigue.

The beach flip flops quality

The Fuzhou Shuang Li Feng Int’l Co., LTD is located in Fuzhou, Fujian, China. It has a special geographical location and abundant resources. It is known as the “world shoe production and export base” and the “hometown of flip flops”. The company has passed strict product quality management and adhered to the policy of material improvement and production technology innovation. It was certified as a slipper product qualified unit by the Swiss General Notary and has an SGS certificate of conformity.

Advantages of cost performance

The beach flip flops is from the world’s footwear production area, where the resources are superior, especially its human resources, technical resources and industrial chain resources. These resources have brought strong market competitiveness to our beach flip flops bulk. Relying on these resources, we have achieved the low-cost and high-quality goals of the flip flops beach, making our swimming flip flops beach one of the most competitive products in the world.

Flip-flop features

40 years ago, the beach flip flops was just one of the daily necessities our company sold in the Chinese market. After more than ten years, it gradually became one of our company’s export products. The beach flip flops bulk has been recognized by customers all over the world for its better color, exquisite workmanship, and high quality, and the number of exports has been increasing year by year.

Product idea

Overall concept: Advocate green and healthy life, and export high-quality and low-cost healthy

beach flip flops to the world.

  1. Original ecological production: using natural raw materials to produce high-quality healthy beach flip flops bulk.
  2. Direct supply from the place of origin: The seller produces it by himself, guaranteeing the best price-performance ratio for flip flops.
  3. Low-price sales: The manufacturer directly exports the beach flip flops bulk to the buyer’s country without intermediary links.

Company personality

Flip-flops company established exclusively for wholesalers makes a promise to buyers: this is a good place to order flip-flops and the beginning of your good business.

The company name Fuzhou Shuang Li Feng Int’l Co., LTD is synonymous with “cooperation and win-win” in Chinese. It tells people that this is the home where we work together and create wealth.

For customers, the company’s services and flip flops beach are equally attractive. In addition, our efforts in product innovation also met their expectations.

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The idea beach flip flops custom for orders

These beach flip flops custom has the good quality and the low price, they are very good for buyers.

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Additional information

Weight12 g
Dimensions40 × 28 × 29 yd
Sole Material

Rubber / EVA

Upper Material

Rubber / PVC


Treasure Owner

Sizes (US)

9, 9.5, 10, 10.5, 11, 11.5, 12, 12.5, 13

Sizes (EUR)

39, 40, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45, 46, 47

Origin Port

JiangYin / XiaMen, China

Charge For Sample

$150 ( It would be returned back after placing your order )

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  1. Changxing

    They are flip flops from the production area, with extremely high quality and the best price.

  2. Lynn Zheng

    Very good

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